Tisessantuno Associati Tisessantuno Associati, founded in Turin in 2016, is the formalization of the long-time collaboration of the 2 founding architects, Carlo Trisciuoglio and Alberto Brunasso Cassinino. In 2018 Francesco Santisi -Civil Engineer- joins the two founding partners. The firm operates mainly in the civil and industrial design field, focusing on sustainability, urban regeneration and building restoration. Other important fields of activity are workplace safety design and management, fire safety design, system engineering.
During the years the firm has worked with various talented young professionals. Current collaborations: Silvana Gambino, Chiara Pissardo and Giulia Nalin (Senior Architects), Ilenia Raveduto, Gianmarco Mannai and Alberto Canarecci (Senior Engineers), Anna Mercadante and Marco Cappelletto (Architects).